Quarter Class Schedules

Summer 2009

New Testament: Overview and Content – 3cr

Fall 2009

Fundamental Greek Grammar – 12cr

Winter 2009

Greek Readings 2cr
Elementary Hebrew 12cr

Spring 2010

New Testament Lectionary – 1 cr
Hebrew Readings – 2 cr
Introduction to Historical Theology – 3 cr
Pastoral Ministry – 3 cr
Worship – 3 cr
Lutheran Mind – 3 cr

Summer 2010

Biblical Hermeneutics – 3 cr
Lutheran Confessions I – 3 cr
Lutheran Confessions II – 3 cr

Fall 2010

Systematics I 3cr
Theology of Missions 3cr
Homiletics I 3cr
Synoptic Gospels 3cr
NT Lectionary 1cr
History of the LCMS 3cr

Winter 2010-2011

Pastor as Educator 3cr
Lutheran Reformation 3cr
From Luther to Concord 3cr
Systematics II 3cr
Isaiah and the Prophets 3cr
NT Lectionary 1cr

Spring 2011

World Religions – 2cr
Religious Bodies of America – 3cr
Systematics III – 3cr
Homiletics II – 3cr
Acts and the Pauline Epistles – 3cr
New Testament Lectionary – 1cr
Old Testament Lectionary – 1cr

Summer 2011

Christian Platonists of Alexandria – 3cr
Faith, Health, and Pastoral Care – 3cr
Trends in Modern Theology: Contemporary Issues – Civic Affairs – 3cr

Summer 2012

Independent Study: LCMS Presidents Past and Present: How their Visions and Contributions shaped the LCMS for the future

Fall 2012

Biblical Theology – 2cr
John & the Catholic Epistles – 3cr
Pastor as Counselor – 3cr
Pastoral Leadership – 3cr
Pastoral Theology/ Systems IV – 4cr

Winter 2012-2013

Exodus and the Torah – 3cr
Law Gospel Polarity in Preaching – 3cr
Man, Woman in Christ -3cr
New Testament Lectionary – 1 cr


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