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New Classes Welcomed To Seminary At Opening Service

September 21, 2012




September 20, 2012


ST. LOUIS—On Friday, Aug. 31, at 11:00 a.m., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, began its 174th academic year with a special worship service in the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus on the Seminary campus. Dr. Dale A. Meyer, president of Concordia Seminary, served as preacher.


The incoming class is comprised of 122 students, including all those newly enrolled in residential and distance programs: 80 residential M.Div. students; eight residential alternate route students; three deaconess students; seven EIIT (Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology) students; 21 SMP (Specific Ministry Pastor Program) students; and three exchange students. In addition, Concordia Seminary’s Graduate School has 13 new students: three M.A. (Master of Arts) students; three Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) students, and seven S.T.M. (Master of Sacred Theology) students.


The 21 new SMP students received vicarage assignments during the Opening Service as well.


In addition, two new staff members were installed: Mr. Philip Ebeling as executive director of communications, and Rev. Wayne Knolhoff as director of placement and alumni relations.


Three current faculty members and one current staff member were installed in new positions: Dr. Charles Arand as director of the Center for the Care of Creation; Dr. Victor Raj as occupant of the Buehner-Duesenberg Chair in Missions; Dr. Jeffrey Kloha as director of the Center for the Study of Early Christian Texts; and Rev. Jeffrey Thormodson as director of the MissionShift Institute.


For more information, please contact or call 314-505-7379.


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Orientation Day 3

September 4, 2009

So begins the last day of Orientation and everyone is ready for this week to be over and get started for next week.  I wound up waking up at the normal time and even though we weren’t required to be anywhere until 9am, I was up and walking around campus by 8:30.  Stopped by Financial Aid to drop off some paperwork and then headed over to Sieck to look around. I walked in and met Chaplain Eric Erkkinen.  While I’m not really interested in Chaplaincy, it is important that I be informed as I never know where the Lord may want to put me.  He shared his experiences and benefits with being a chaplain .  He then invited me to a BBQ at his home on Sept 16th. Who am I to turn down home cooking and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Next up I went to the benches in front of the chapel to fill out some paper work and had a brief conversation with Clay. Then it was time to officially register for the fall. Somewhat weird since we were all officially registered electronically.  I guess it was a way to make sure everything was setup properly. Rev. Gibbs came out to give us a pep talk and so it began. We first went through the line of Admissions where they checked off their list to make sure we had completed our prereqs.  We were greeted by (elder) Rev. Hoehner who represented the Seminary Alumni. He bestowed upon each of us the John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment Fund. It is a gift certificate for a copy of the The Book of Concord, The Book of Concord CD or the student’s choice of other books costing $30 or less. This was their official hand off to seminary as their jobs were complete at this point. Jokes abounded as even though we are in Big 12 country, the Big Ten rivalries reign supreme.

As with all new systems we suffered some technological bumps in the road and had to skip registration table and head straight to Rev. Utech for info on field-work church placement.  Many of us got our hopes up of finding out where we would be worshipping only to find out we still had another orientation on on September 10th.  Received information on Cross Cultural modules with Rev. Thormodson.  I know a friend who has done one of these in Alaska for two weeks. However, I’m thinking that between work and studying for 10 weeks, it wouldn’t be fair to the family to be gone for the better part of two weeks before going back into classes.  I’ll attend the orientation just to get info and maybe my thoughts will change.

Finally, it is time to register. Gibbs is hilarious. Extremely knowledgeable and has a disarming personality. Fall Greek is my task at hand officially.  From here I crossed over into the next room with the Information Fair. Many said go there because you will get free stuff. Luckily, that wasn’t the only reason we all went. I won’t bore you with all the tables, just the ones I strategically stopped by…

Thrivent Table, Right to Life table (R. Gibbs), Music @ Concordia Seminary (signed Linda up for Pro Musica Sacra) and said hi to Tim Eden, The Writing Center (had a great conversation here), Athletics (conversation w/ Bill Maxfieldabout basketball), a quick visit with Chaplain Erkkinen, Center for Hispanic Studies, Campus Services (finally got our box number), Concordia Historical Institute, and finally the Concordia Seminary Guild (picked up Christian Dogmatics Vol 1 by F. Pieper). 

Many thanks go out to everyone involved at the information fair. Tons of information shared with all of us.  A special thanks to the donotations over the course of the past couple of days by Concordia Seminary Guild, Lutheran Hour Ministries, Concordia Publishing House, Immanuel Lutheran (Mt. Olive, IL), Seminary Alumni, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Next up was the Library orientation. Funny, enlightening, and educational best describes the tour. My feet hurt also gives a hint on how long this tour orientation took. Nevertheless, I plan to spend a large amount of my time in the library in the mornings between classes.

Brief lunch and then we had to get ready for pictures for campus ID and the directory. Jocelyn decided to have a slight meltdown after falling down so it made things interesting. Linda and I dressed up. Well, Linda dressed up. I had a jacket, tie, dress shirt, and jeans. Many wore shorts and flip flops since the pics taken are from the waist up. Once we were done there we headed over to the bookstore.

At the bookstore I used my new gifts from various groups to purchase a clerical collar, shirt, Book of Concord on CD.  Then I rushed over to the kitchen to help prepare food for Saturday’s dinner and events with Clay, John, Tristen, and one other seminarian whose name has slipped my mind. That is bound to happen when you try and learn some 87 names in three days.

After the kitchen work was completed I played basketball for the first time since getting hurt with Tim Saleska, some of the Preacher basketball team, and three other first years. Fun times. Look no injuries. Yay.

My day was closed out with weekly BBQ in the Woods with other seminary families.

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