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Concordia Seminary to Host ‘Making Abortion Unthinkable’ Workshop

December 25, 2012



ST. LOUIS—Concordia Seminary will offer a workshop titled “Making Abortion Unthinkable” on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013, to be held in Sieck Hall 202 on the Seminary campus. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., the program begins at 9:00 a.m., and will conclude at 2:30 p.m.

The workshop will include video-based presentations as well as discussions segments. Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs, professor of New Testament at Concordia Seminary, will present the workshop.

The workshop will strengthen and clarify understanding for those who attend, as well as equip them to speak winsomely, even to non-Christians, on behalf of the unborn. The workshop is suitable for adults and older teens. Each participant will also receive a helpful manual of materials.

Pre-registration with payment by Jan. 21 is required. The registration cost for “Making Abortion Unthinkable” is $20 and includes lunch and materials.

For more information or to register for “Making Abortion Unthinkable,” call 314-505-7486 or email You may also register online at Concordia Seminary is located at 801 Seminary Place in Clayton, Mo.


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Week 8 in Greek

November 1, 2009

This week has been somewhat of a break through in Greek even if it didn’t exactly show in exams. There has been a number of changes in my test taking. Use headphones to cancel out distractions around me. Move to a different room. Start earlier so not to feel rushed. Relaxation techniques to reduce the anxiety before the tests. Now the latest change. Move into a different room by myself so that I can talk things through verbally. This seems to be working after a quick test with Dr. Gibbs.  Huge thank you goes out to Rev. Gibbs and his wife Renee for recognizing this based on in class performance/participation.  I hadn’t given up, but I was feeling very defeated just before.

Two weeks to go and the realization that all the long hours studying, memorizing, and waking up in the morning thinking about paradigms will all be summed up in one exam. More material this week along with our cruising speed of 80 mph.  It is round 8 and Greek has definitely gotten the better of me.  I must be Rocky Balboa as I just keep coming back for more.

Here is the material covered this week…

Chapter 29: The Subjunctive Mood of the Verb, part 2

Chapter 30: Contracted (Contract) Verbs in -aw

Chapter  31: Contracted (Contract) Verbs in -ow

Chapter 32: The Imperative Mood of the Verb

Week 5 of Greek

October 10, 2009

This week started out much like the week before. Linda was gone for a Seminary Wives Association (SWA) retreat.  The kids and I spent some much needed time together. Hannah and Jonathan had soccer practice in the morning so that is where we were bright and early. From there we spent the day in the house either studying or sleeping.  Sunday is review the vocabulary day for me before the quiz on Monday.  We had quite a few number of prepositions that could mean different things based on the case (Nominative, Genitive, Dative, and Accusative). Fun times this week. I wasn’t as tired and I felt I grasped the material better than the week before. However, I’m still a little bit behind due to the lack of energy and comprehension the previous week.  Just means I will continue to put in extra work to catch up.

On a side note as far as I know, I’ve been approved by my peers along with 3 other seminarians to become first year reps.  So, I will 1 of 2 representatives for the 1st yr married students. More to come on this as my first meeting is next week.

Here is the information we covered this week:

Chapter 15: Relative Pronouns and Three-Case Prepositions

Chapter 16: The Infinitive of the Verb, Part 1

Chapter 17: The Infinitive of the Verb, Part 2

Chapter 18: Third Declension Consonantal Stem Nouns

Chapter 19: Third Declension Vowel and Sigma Stem Nouns, and Third Declension Adjectives

Also, on Friday night Linda and I participated in the Contemplate event via the Discussion Panel. Oddly enough, we are this event one year ago and couple of days. It truly was a pleasure to participate and talk with some of the seminarians we will see in a year from now. I remember how we felt at the event and we tried to speak from the heart about preparing yourself for the move and life change itself.

Got a quick conversationw ith Rev. Nunez earlier this week as he was on campus speaking at the Hostel event.  I haven’t actually seen him in person since either 1996 or 1997 on Concordia Ann Arbor campus when he was a guest pastor for one of the chapels.

Week 4 of Greek

October 3, 2009

I’ve just finished another week of Greek. One more week and I’ll be at the halfway point. This week was not a good week and Greek was not nice to me at all. The week started off with Linda being gone for latter part of the weekend to travel to Michigan for President Hoesman’s retirement party. Then on Monday night I went on pager duty and wound up with one of the worst outages in my time at Verizon Business. The initial page came through at 8:15p CST and I didn’t get down with the outage until 6:15a CST on Tuesday.  Needless, to say that set the tone for a bad week. Exhaustion played a large part in this being a bad week. Due to being so tired I just couldn’t retain the knowledge that was being taught. I honestly felt like there was a cloud around me all week long.  Needless, to say my test grade reflected it as well. Just means I have to work harder to catch back up and get back on track.

Greek is indeed a thinking man’s language. I think a better description would be a 1000 piece puzzle that you have to take little parts and put them together to see the picture. Keeping with the boxing as a description for Greek in the 10 round exhibition. Well, let’s just say the hits just came from everywhere. Lesson taken away from this week is, sleep is your friend.  Another thought taking away from this week is even though I felt defeated, I survived, got back up, and ask for more.

Here is the material covered in Week 4 of Greek.

Chapter 10: Personal Pronouns

Chapter 11: Passive Voice Verb Forms

Chapter 12: The Verb “To Be” and Further Uses of the Article

Chapter 13: Miscellanea 1

Chapter 14: Contracted (Contract) Verbs in -ew

Week 3 of Greek

September 25, 2009

Another week is in the books. This week went over much better than last week did. However, this week we started off with a Vocabulary Quiz. I did wonderfully on the quiz and I’ll be beating myself up for the ones I missed. We followed up with a quiz in the afternoon which I did surprisingly well on. Took my time and nailed the quiz as well.  Now this is probably going to be the way Greek goes the rest of the way.  I did well on quizzes and tests for the week, but Greek really threw me for curves with new material. Just trying to rationalize some of the ways Greek does things with English will drive you crazy. Likewise, the vocabulary is starting to get weird with its spelling and definitions. Hard to explain if you haven’t had Greek, but I’ll give it a try. It’s a joke I’ve used for years when folks ask for suggestions on what to name their children. Spell the name Bob, but pronounce it Michael.

We had a short week due to the Theological Symposium (Tues/Wed) off from class. I chose to take this time to fine tune Greek and get some much needed rest. Especially, since I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while now.  Oh yeah, I also had my first experience with Kaldis with the guys after the after noon session of Greek. Good place to study, work, and wait for the kids to get out of school.

I did okay on test, but made a stupid mistake that cost my 6pts. Still no clue how I circled the wrong answer. I parsed the whole sentence and somehow selected the wrong one in a rush. I’ll be banging my head on the wall for the next day or so about that one. I guess I should feel comfortable about the grade. However, I’m not one for settling and don’t plan on becoming one who does settle.

Life is busy and hectic. I didn’t make it to my morning workouts at all this week so that really bites. I’ll get some rest this weekend and get back on track. I’m trying to get just one week where I get my vocab memorize, understand the new material, nail the quizzes, work, and get my workout in without killing myself.

This week’s material covered for Greek was the following:

Chapter 8: Aorist Indicative Active and Middle Verb Forms

Chapter 9: Aspect, and Imperfect Indicative Active and Middle Forms

Evidently, Chapter 9 is when most greek students freak out.  One vocabulary word can express 6 different meanings.  Where is coincidently, where some of the bible translations get so screwed up. It is totally up to the translators choice on how to translate things. Sigh

Simple Past: I left

“Connected Past”: I was leaving, I used to leave, I began leaving, I tried to leave, I repeatedly left, and I did leave.

Also at Chapel today I met one of the Board of Regents, Ulmer Marshall Jr. from Mobile, AL. He seemed very happy to see me, but I’m sure many can guess why.  We did have a good conversation and a number of things.

All the “Connected Past” are translated from the same “word”.  That is where I will leave off for this week. I have few things to do, then work, then study, then BBQ in the Woods.

Week 2 of Greek

September 19, 2009

From here on out I will use a 10 round boxing match to describe my week in Greek.  This week definitely started out with Greek throwing a haymaker to my noggin. More of a wake up call to my brain.  Not that I wasn’t studying the material for very very long periods of time. As you can study all you want, but it has to make sense.  At this point things hadn’t made sense as of yet. So, the beginning of the week’s test and quiz really hurt.  It’s early in the quarter and it is better to get that out of the way now. Another part of the problem resolved around me paying too much attention to vocabulary and not enough attention to the rules of accenting.  Well, the knock on the head humbled me and I responded later in the week with better grades on a quiz and test.  Actually, finishing off the week on a good note.  What did this week teach me?  Well, it isn’t going to be easy. Actually, I went Gibbs asking for tutor. Something, I don’t think I have ever done in my life up until this point. Not that I haven’t had times when I should have asked and didn’t. However, I’m older and some would say wiser.

Thankful, Dr. Gibbs stayed after class to review an quiz and we went through it slowly.  Turns out I know the information and how to come to the answer, but my brain is working to fast.  What does that mean? We see a word in a sentence in English and we know exactly what it means because we have learned it (hopefully) during our education in school.  Well, that doesn’t work when you’re learning a new language. At least not for me it doesn’t. So, I need to take things slower with parsing for it to click.  If he hadn’t done that I may have been tolling around until someone caught what I was doing wrong.

This round has ended and we’ll have to go to the cards for a ruling on who won the round.  For right now I think it is pretty close to a draw. For those of you who have had Greek in the past this is what was covered this week.

Chapter 3: Present Indicative Active and Middle Verb Forms

Chapter 4: O or Second Declension Nouns

Chapter 5: A or First Declension Nouns, and Elementary Prepositions

Chapter 6: Basic Adjectives and the Article

Chapter 7: Future Indicative Active and Middle Verb Forms, and Deponent Verbs

Greek Quote of the Week: Precious Moments is the new anti-Christ…. Baby Jesus is NOT cute. 🙂

Overall life is a challenge and still growing accustom to my new schedule and making sure everything fits in. Settling in with a small study group between classes in the basement of the library to go over material.  Also attended my first Prof n Stein. Dr. Voelz talked about a number of things, but I’ll focus on this main point.  While we are in spiritual warfare, we shouldn’t stop to realize the blessings around us. I don’t know if he meant to or not (I suspect he did), but he really emphasized the campus them of “community”. Don’t be so into the books that you forget there is still a mission field on campus and off campus.

The week ended on a good note, with International Student Cook Out in “The Woods”.  The downside of the event was students were forced to pick between supporting the soccer team or attending the cook out. Also, it seems events in “The Woods” come across to be only family oriented. Nothing could be farther from the truth and its a shame guys miss out on grilling and wonderful conversation. So, if you haven’t attended one, attempt to and see for yourself.

The SWA (Seminary Wives Association) is about to start the field day event that was postponed on Labor Day weekend due to rain. So, I’m off to support the wives, have fun with the kids, and watch as people run around while being sprayed by a firehose.

Lectionary At Lunch

September 14, 2009

Seminary has a group of guys who get together as two Prof’s guide seminarians through the Old Testament and New Testament lessons for the upcoming week. It meets during lunch on Wednesdays.  One of the prof’s who leads the class is Gibbs so I’ll be seeing him the majority of my day on Tuesday and Wednesday. How is that possible? Well, I have him for Greek 3 hours a day and then on Tuesday and Wednesday I will have him for Geek Club (Tuesday) and Lectionary at Lunch (Wednesday). Why go?

“The more you know, the more you know.” -Gibbs

Here is the announcement on the Lectionary at Lunch. For those of you interested, but aren’t on campus and really want to get a greater understanding of the readings for the week.


Join Us For Lectionary At Lunch!


For (literally) decades, Lectionary at Lunch has provided insight and help for preachers, on campus and now through iTunes U; you can be part of that tradition!  Join us on Wednesdays, from 11:35 to 12:25, in the Buenger Room, 3rd floor above the cafeteria line.  Two profs guide the way through the OT and Gospel lesson for 10 days hence.  It’s free, and it’s good–it’s Lectionary at Lunch! 


Dr. Gibbs (9/16/2009)

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