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Concordia Seminary To Begin 174th Academic Year

August 23, 2012


August 23, 2012

ST. LOUIS—On Friday, Aug. 31, at 11:00 a.m., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, will begin its 174th academic year with a special worship service in the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus on the Seminary campus. Dr. Dale A. Meyer, president of Concordia Seminary, will serve as preacher.

Two new employees to the Seminary will be installed: Mr. Philip Ebeling as executive director of communications, and Rev. Wayne Knolhoff as director of placement and alumni relations.

Three professors will be installed into additional positions: Dr. Charles Arand as director of the Center for the Care of Creation; Dr. Jeffrey Kloha as director of the Center for the Study of Early Christian Texts; and Dr. Victor Raj as occupant of the Buehner-Duesenberg Chair in Missions. Staff member Rev. Jeffrey Thormodson will be installed as director of the MissionShift Institute.

Two employees in the Seminary Support department will be installed at later dates: Rev. Edward Bertram as deployed gift officer and Mr. Roger Dow as senior gift officer.

During the preceding week, new students will complete an orientation process and register for course work. The orientation process also provides opportunities for new students and their families to become better acquainted, which includes a “Field Day” consisting of sports activities, games for children, and a community-wide barbecue. Classes start on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Concordia Seminary is located at 801 Seminary Place in St. Louis, Mo. For more information, call 314-505-7379 or


April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011

ST. LOUIS—Concordia Seminary’s fourth-year and second-year students will receive their calls and vicarage assignments, respectively, into the ministry at this year’s Call Day services on Wednesday, May 4. The vicarage assignment service will take place at 3:00 p.m. CDT and the call service will take place at 7:00 p.m. CDT.

“I truly do believe that God is behind this process,” said Benjamin Vogel, pastoral candidate. “My wife and I are looking forward to going wherever the church decides to send us!”

Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations seeking pastors sent more requests this year for the Seminary’s graduates than the number available, “indicating the appreciation the church has for Concordia Seminary graduates,” commented Dr. Robert Hoehner, director of placement and alumni relations at the Seminary. “Join us in thanking God for His goodness and pray for Concordia Seminary as it carries out its important mission of helping to form workers in God’s Kingdom.”

For the second year, Concordia Seminary has created a special Call Day website which has many features that family members, friends, and parishioners all over the world can enjoy. On the site,, viewers can watch live streaming video of both the vicarage and call services, read and print the service folders to follow along, and view maps that will pinpoint where each student is called or assigned through the use of interactive mapping technologies. Each pinpoint will include the student’s photo and the church’s information. (The map will not be available until after the services.)

This year, all of the 93 eligible Concordia Seminary pastoral ministry students will receive calls. One student will complete her studies for the deaconess ministry and receive her placement. Eight graduates from the Center for Hispanic Studies (three pastoral candidates and five deaconess candidates) one DELTO student, and six Cross-Cultural Ministry Center students (out of Concordia University Irvine) will receive placements. Additionally, 76 second-year Seminary students will learn of their vicarage assignments.

“I really value the Seminary experience and the brilliance of the instruction that I received here,” commented pastoral candidate Ronald Millard Jr. “I was inspired to view this process as a strengthening of my relationship with God and to view our learning as an adventure that leads to peace that truly is found only in Jesus Christ.”

“Our men and women in our various programs have demonstrated their academic abilities, their commitment to Jesus Christ, and their love for people,” said Dr. Dale A. Meyer, president of Concordia Seminary. “They will serve very well, just as previous graduates have.”

For more information, contact creative services at or 314-505-7379.

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Big Month September

August 31, 2010

Unless you have been hiding under a LCMS rock the past couple of months, everyone has their calendar marked to either attend, watch, or listen to the Installation Service for President-Elect Matt Harrison. This will be a service of epic proportions. One like Concordia Seminary has ever seen before.

Possibly lost in all the excitement coming down the pipes is the start of the 172nd Academic Year. The opening service isn’t on Sunday following last years format, but this coming Friday morning at 10 a.m. in the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus. Three staff members will be installed into their prospective positions. Yet, while that is exciting there is still even more to be excited about.

Processing for first time in years together will be incoming M.Div., Alternate Route, Deaconess, SMP, EIIT, DIT, and CHS students. What an imposing display as each of these men and women march (not walk) into the chapel to begin their formation in the ministry. Why not walk? I used the word march to provoke the imagery of war. The devil will take not to this new army heading into formation. He will try to deter them from God’s ministry.

I myself am only a year removed from marching with my classmates into the chapel to begin our formation. There is no feeling like hear the voices of brothers and sisters there to support you not only in this service, but the next step of our journey. It boosted our strength after 3 full days of orientation. I personally, think it would be great for these men and women to march into the chapel packed with brothers and sisters in Christ. It couldn’t hurt to see some support from some higher ups at the International Center as well. Keep in mind these men and women represent the next wave of church workers from Saint Louis. Understand, while I am speaking of CSL specifically, my feelings cover both seminaries as a whole. When ever possible make every attempt to pray for and visibly support these men and women.

So, with that said… Hopefully, I have passed on this information with enough time for you to take time to attend the Opening Service for the 172nd Academic Year at Concordia Seminary. I hope to see you as these men and women begin their next steps in the ministry.

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