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Maybe you’ve seen it?  The bumper sticker uses the Muslim crescent, the peace symbol, a symbol for gay rights, the David’s star, the pagan pentagram, the Taoist ying-yang, and the Christian cross to spell out the word “coexist.”  The message?  “Can’t we all just get along since we’re not all that different?”

Last weekend I saw another version that used similar symbols to spell out the word “contradict.”  Written underneath: “They can’t all be true – John 14:6.”

One of my friends on facebook shared this and got some blowback from his friends.  Some said, “Why is it that YOUR truth is the truth?”  “How can you use words written by lots of guys over centuries and reinterpreted by others for their own ends to prove your point?”  My friend did an excellent job of pointing his friends back to the Scriptures, which say plainly, “Jesus is the way,” and…

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