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Turn and Live – The ongoing theme of the Prophets and Christ!

September 25, 2011

It seems that everyone is entitled to believe what he or she wants to believe about God. Subjective feelings and old wives’ tales are given as much authority as the Bible in this matter. Last week Pastor Roeglin proclaimed “The True Fairness Doctrine” taught by Christ. This week Vicar Ekong proclaims the necessity of the “180 Degree Turn to Live.”

Third Multi-Ethnic Symposium Slated for January 2012

September 12, 2011


September 12, 2011

ST. LOUIS—The third Multi-Ethnic Symposium will be held Jan. 30-31, 2012, at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. This year’s topic is “Gifts of Hope.”

God has given a richness of gifts to His people through various cultures and ethnicities. How does the Body of Christ reflect the present and future realities of Revelation 7: 9? How does the unity of our faith as LCMS Lutherans show forth the “exchange of gifts” that we all bring? What should a multi-cultural church look like in 2017? What about 2040?

Congregations and church leaders are encouraged to save the date. For more information, contact continuing education and parish services at 314-505-7486 or email

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The Community of Forgiven Sinners

September 11, 2011

While the entire world will focus on the terrible acts of 9/11 via numerous media outlets… Vicar Ekong preaches on the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. His central focus will be on “The Community of Forgiven Sinners” and how this community continues to interact with God’s creation even after 9/11.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is 102 minutes the world will never forget. That’s how much time passed between the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center and the collapse of the second tower [on September 11, 2001] ten years ago today. Most of us remember where we were when we heard or saw the events of that day. We still feel the shock and pain as we think back to that horrific morning-from people’s initial bewilderment that a plane could slam into these iconic skyscrapers on such a clear, sunny day, to the sudden, awful recognition that America was under attack.

As a result of those attacks, the people of our nation had yet another reason to come to church. As the nation struggled to deal with aftermath of those attacks, they sought out caring and forgiving communities. In today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus speaks specifically about the Christian community, a community bound together by the forgiveness of sins. Martin Luther summarizes today’s text as, “In this Christian church, he daily and richly forgives all my sins and the sins of all believers.” The Christian church is a community of forgiven sinners.

Lutheran Church of Nigeria turns 75!

September 4, 2011

From Missionary David Erber and Family:
In September, the Lutheran Church of Nigeria will celebrate its 75th Anniversary. In the 1920s European missionaries (not Lutheran) were working hard in the Akwa Ibom area of Nigeria. A young man by the name of Jonathan Ekong and a couple of his friends heard about a white man who was living in a neighboring area. Out of curiosity, they went to see what the white
man was like. They heard him preach and were moved by the gospel! They went home and told their family and friends about what they had seen and heard.

To make a long story short, the Ibesikpo people invited the European missionary to come to their area. When he wasn’t able to come, they asked him to find another missionary who could come. When this wasn’t possible, the Ibesikpo people asked if one of the own people could be trained to be a pastor for them. When this didn’t work out, the Ibesikpo people decide to pool their resources and send someone to America to look for a church who could come to their area. Jonathan Ekong was chosen and sent to America. There he connected with the Missouri Synod Lutherans. In 1936, Henry Nau (who had previous missionary experience in India) was sent as our first missionary to Nigeria.
The Lutheran Church of Nigeria will celebrate its 75th Jubilee on September 5-11.

Has it really been 75 years already? Given I have only been around for 40 of it, but I grew up on the stories (now legends) of my grandfather Rev. Dr. Jonathan Udo Ekong. My dear grandfather casts a very long shadow and large shoes for all the work he did during his time on earth thanks to the Holy Spirit. Paul was the imitator of Christ in his life’s work, Luther followed in Paul’s footsteps, and it is an honor to acknowledge my grandfather following in those footsteps in being Log-Bell Ringer to Nigeria. Raised up by his own people to be led by God on a mission to (as he would put it) find the one true religion (Lutheranism). Never deterred by age or multiple obstacles, Jonathan fulfilled God’s great plan for him and his people. The Lutheran Church of Nigeria turns 75! It is amazing to see how many people that this mission to the Nigerians has touch over the years. It spans multiple continents and numerous generations. Even now, Jonathan’s son is a LCMS pastor and his grandson a pastor in training at Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis, Missouri. We raise up praise and thanksgiving for the work of Rev. Dr. Jonathan Udo Ekong, but more importantly the continued growing and reaping of souls by the Lutheran Church of Nigeria under God’s direction. Blessings on this years Jubilee, and blessings on the next 75 years of the never ending urgency to seek the lost and equipped the found in God’s name.

Your Brother in Christ,
Vicar Eric Ini-obong Ekong
Son of Rev. Hosea J. Ekong
Grandson of Rev. Dr. Jonathan Udo Ekong

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The Transformation from the Old Watchman to the New Watchman

September 4, 2011

Vicar Eric Ekong preaches on the Old Testament text from Ezekiel 33:7-9. Old Watchmen transformed into the New Watchman through Jesus Christ.

BSLC Florissant Worship Service 8:00 am Sunday 9/4/2011 from Jim Steinbruegge on Vimeo.

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