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January 26, 2011

Wow, since I started the blog there has 1940 views. Not to shabby considering the huge dead periods I have had over time. Oddly enough the biggest surge happened during the 2010 LCMS Convention. Odd…

Today’s Meyer Minute on Baptism

January 26, 2011

Just about every evening before prayers and bed, my email dings letting me know the Meyer Minute has arrived. Today’s edition did not show up until this morning, but that is irrelevant. I usually read them as they come through and it provokes some serious thought. Today’s edition did the same thing so I figured I would share. Especially, since it talks about baptism in a very simple way. A summary from the website says, “The Meyer Minute… a short read but more than a minute’s worth of thought.”


“My name is Connor.  Bubby and I were taking our bath.   Bubby poured water on me.  He said he was baptizing me.”

“That’s right, Opa.  At church pastor baptizes people.  So I baptized Connor in the tub.”

Interesting.  A long time ago, this time of year, winter, Epiphany, Martin Luther preached about baptism.  He talked about many things, including how many times you should be baptized.  Some people get baptized but then fall away from God.  When they realize they’ve gotten away from God, they think they need to start all over and get baptized again.

“Like I did to Connor?”

Sort of.  Dr. Luther says it’s like taking a trip.  If you get lost, you don’t go back home and start all over again.  You just admit you got lost and get back on the right way.  No need to get baptized again.  Just repent and get back to God’s way of living.  After all, God did His part of Baptism right.  He gave forgiveness.  He doesn’t have to do it over.  We need to get back on the straight and narrow.

“Opa, you’re turning our bath into a sermon!”

“It was on my mind.  I was baptized on this date a long time ago.”

“Opa, did you know Dr. Luther?”

Meyer Minute © 2011


I will leave you to soak that one in for the rest of the day. If you are interested in receiving these in your very own inbox you can go here.




Satan Knows…

January 10, 2011

“For the old serpent, who knew and feared that his head was to be crushed underfoot by the power of the divine nature through the Seed of the woman, has tried by various tricks to pervert and obscure and invalidate the doctrine of the divine nature in Christ, and how especially after he has received and felt the death-dealing blow to his head in the Passion and resurrection of Christ. For no mere man with some human or created power crushed the head of the serpent, but the full power of the Logos working through the assumed human nature.” -Martin Chemnitz

Taken from: Chemnitz’s Works Volume 6, The Two Natures in Christ – Chapter 2, pg 37, paragraph 2

Concordia Publishing House * Saint Louis


Satan knows, but do you?


Win $1000 Scholarship from Logos

January 6, 2011

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